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About WELS

Westfield English Language School (WELS) is the sister school of Westfield Secondary School, and is a division of Westfield Education. WELS offers non-credit ESL courses to prepare students for academic study at the post-secondary level, as well as foundational level courses introducing students to the language.  It is conveniently located in Markham, Ontario, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area and approximately 35 minutes to downtown Toronto.


WELS differentiates and distinguishes itself from other ESL programs in that students’ needs always come first. WELS’ small size and family atmosphere establishes professional student-teacher relationships via personal attention and supportive community. We welcome students from around the world with the intent to have our students feel at home and part of an extended family.  This is a fundamental quality that we honour and of which we are proud.

Our program is built on the pursuit of academic excellence. We focus on rigour, relevance, and relationships to best foster an environment of education where talented teachers facilitate learning in small class settings.  We hire talented teachers who use the most recent research and best practices in second language acquisition (SLA), to support and challenge our students to achieve quality work. In addition to providing outstanding academic support, our faculty consistently construct high calibre lessons contextualized within an equitable and multicultural framework. Further, WELS utilizes diagnostic assessments to benchmark student achievement in English.

In addition, our parent company, Westfield Education, retains employees at all levels that hold similar ideals of genuine care and concern for students and their development. Collectively, we do our utmost to accommodate our students’ needs, provide an exceptional learning experience, and help them build their academic future on solid ground.

WELS Core Mission:

Empowering our students to succeed in and contribute to a global community.

WELS Core Vision:

Providing inclusive and vibrant international learning environment.