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Admission to any of WELS non-credit English Language programs, whether short term of long-term programs, requires an English Language Proficiency Test in order to determine the appropriate level of study. Students must also fulfill the requirements outlines below. For a full list of requirements, see Standard Application Package section in this page.

Enrolment Requirements:

  • Each program ideally consists of 18 – 20 students.

  • Duration of Program; usually scheduled for a 4-week period of 65 hours of instruction.

  • All study permit holders in Canada are required to actively pursue studies; students MUST remain enrolled and make reasonable and timely progress towards completing their programs.


Application and Administration Procedures:

  1. Application submit (via email) completed Application Package to the Admissions Office.

  2. Administration Office confirms receipt of the Application Package via email Within 48 hours.

  3. Admissions Assistant reviews the application and confirms the eligibility via email.

  4. For local students, please call our Office of Administration at:

Our admission office staff will work with you to help you with your application process.

If eligible:

  • Administration Assistant emails the Admission Letter to the applicant or agency for payment remittance
  • Applicants submit payment by bank draft/money order to the Admissions Office or wire transfer the payment to Westfield Education account (a scanned copy of wire transfer remittance slip must be emailed to for confirmation of payment purpose), Kiki Zhang confirms payment in receipt.

If ineligible:

  • Admissions Assistant returns the Application Package to or emails the applicant or agency along with: a receipt of the application fee (issued by Kiki Zhang) and a review report.

  1. Admissions Assistant confirms receipt of Payment via email within 48 hours.

  2. Admissions Assistant prepares and sends out the Acceptance Package within 48 hours followed by email notice to agency/applicant:

  • Official letter of acceptance
  • Official receipts
  • Custodianship Declaration-Custodian notarized(x1)
  • School year Calendar


Confirmation of Visa Application Status:

If your visa is approved the Admission Assistant prepares and sends out the Welcome Package within 48 hours followed by email notice to agency/applicant.  The Welcome Package contains:

  • Welcome Letter (requesting students to pay the residence fee and other fee)
  • Course Selection Form
  • International Student orientation information
  • Arrival confirmation with Residence Student Profile fax or email to Admission Office.
  • Application email/fax payment remittance form to Admission Assistant. Admission Assistant confirms payment with Accounting Department. Admissions Assistant issues payment receipt and arrival confirmation form to applicants and agencies for residence and airport pickup service arrangement.
  • Applicants/agents fax or email the arrival confirmation form with flight information to the Admissions Assistant.
  • Admissions Assistant arranges airport pickup services and residence room assignment.


Standard Application Package:

  1. Signed and dated WSS/WELS application form

  2. Notarized official school transcripts in English for the most recent two school years

  3. Two recommendation letters

  4. TOEFL or IELTS scores (if applying for Pre-University program)

  5. Notarized Custodianship Declaration Form-Parents/Guardians, scanned copy

  6. Study plan in English

  7. Application fee and/or full payment of tuition, enrollment, residence, insurance, airport pickup and/or custodianship (if under 18 years of age) fees.


Admission Confirmation:


Students will be informed of their admission status and homestay placement via email as well as the WeChat app.

Study Permit:


To study in Canada legally, you need a study permit. Study Permit is not a travel document and does not authorize entry into Canada.

To enter Canada as an international student in addition to a study permit, you need to have either a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV or Visa) or an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) depending on your country of citizenship.

It is very important that your Study Permit never expires!

Initial Study Permit made Outside of Canada:

If you have received an offer of admission to the University of Toronto, you must apply for your study permit from outside Canada before traveling to Canada to study. Your Study Permit may allow you to work on and off-campus when you are a full-time registered student.

Extending your Study Permit within Canada:

Study Permit is the most important document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to international students. It is important to ensure that your Study Permit does not expire.

To apply please download and complete the WELS Application Form here. You can email a scanned copy of your signed application form to


Medical Insurance: Students are required to have medical insurance prior to arriving in Canada.

Both homestay and medical insurance are mandatory. All students are required to have medical insurance and homestay placement prior to arrival to Canada.