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Cassandra Vaessen

Hello and welcome! My name is Cassandra Vaessen and I am the Social Science and English teacher at Westfield Secondary School. I earned a Bachelor of Psychology with a minor in Geography and a Bachelor of Education at York University. Most of my professional and educational experiences have involved youth facing potential barriers to success, such as mental illness, learning disabilities or learning English as a second language. Through my teaching, I aim to address each student’s individual needs and learning style to ensure their success for the future. I strongly believe in teaching students skills and strategies that they can apply to their everyday life. Through relevant course content and creating meaningful goals, I hope to engage students in developing a love for learning.

Cassandra Piazza

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at York University, I spent the beginning of my career teaching English in London, England.  Once I returned to Canada, I began to teach at Westfield Secondary School.  The majority of my career has been spent teaching and supporting students for whom English is a second language.  It is rewarding to watch international students flourish and develop within a new culture and language.  This work has taught me how to address each student’s individual learning needs.  It is my teaching philosophy that an engaged student is a successful student.  I encourage students to bring their interests and experiences into the classroom.

Amzad Hossein

Hello world! I am a math, music, and computer science teacher at Westfield Secondary School. I earned my Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo with a major in Combinatorics & Optimization, and minors in Pure Mathematics and Music. I earned my Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University with teaching specializations in Math and Music at the intermediate and senior levels. I am passionate about education and provide a learning environment that is rigorous and supportive.  As a teacher, I tailor my lessons to individual learning styles, and promote effective learning skills and strategies into daily lessons.

Will Symonenko

Greetings! My name is Will Symonenko, and I teach science and business studies here at Westfield. Ever since completing a bachelor of science degree in biological science at McMaster university, I have wanted to teach young people science and help to bridge their transitional path from high school to university. Throughout my career I have felt that a teacher’s duties are twofold: to impart the required knowledge needed to be successful in university courses, and teach the right work habits needed to cope with university life. So, whether you wish to take biology, chemistry, physics, or business, I look forward to teaching and challenging you.