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Cassandra Piazza

Head of English
After receiving my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at York University, I spent the beginning of my career teaching English in London, England.  Once I returned to Canada, I began to teach at Westfield Secondary School.  The majority of my career has been spent teaching and supporting students for whom English is a second language.  It is rewarding to watch international students flourish and develop within a new culture and language.  This work has taught me how to address each student’s individual learning needs.  It is my teaching philosophy that an engaged student is a successful student.  I encourage students to bring their interests and experiences into the classroom.
Stephen King said “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”  It is this enjoyment and belief in literature that I want to bring to my students.  Literature is an essential part of a person’s education because it can both enrich the mind with new information for the future, and relate to the past.

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