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Through extensive networks, Westfield has established partnerships with several high profile schools in China. Our 2 + 1 program gives students the chance to complete two of three years of high school in China and the opportunity to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma in their final year at Westfield. To provide a smooth transition into Westfield, our admission team works with the home school to provide all the necessary documentation. Further, we have designed a non-credit online English language program to support prospective students over the two years preceding their arrival. Our intent is to ensure students have the necessary language skills to navigate their academic studies in Canada.

Listed below are sister schools in China:
1. Shaoxing Luxun Senior High School
2. Wuhan No.4 High School
3. Hubei Yichang No.1 middle Schol
4. Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foregin Languages
5. Shenyang Shiyan School
6. Zhengzhou 31 Middle School

We would like to thank our amazing partners in China for providing their students an opportunity of a life-time and including Westfield in that journey.